Saturday, December 11, 2010

Juárez Whiskey

Juarez Whiskey
Premio Chihuahua, 2010.

Famous Grouse

 Jason, dice:

I pride myself on not being a scotch snob.  If you and I are sitting across from eachother in a bar and you declare that in your heart of hearts a preference for blended scotch whisky, I will not think less of you.  That is your inalienable right as a scotch lover.  The fact that you like blended scotch makes us brothers merely by other mothers.  Too many scotch snobs and well meaning enthusiasts dismiss blended scotch as for lesser beings and alley way lushes.  Not I!

Pues aquí pueden leer la reseña que hace de Famouse Grouse.

A Jason lo pueden leer aquí.

Por cierto, ya leyendo un poco a Jason, me encuentro con lo siguiente

Scotch and other whiskies (ie. Irish, Canadian, bourbon, etc.) do not lend themselves to the above occasions. Why? No elitism here friend. There is nothing wrong with watching football or organizing a barbecue in your backyard. The problem rests with scotch itself. The stuff is very powerfull and if you sip too much (which is not very much in terms of volume) you'll be more than intoxicated. You'll probably embarrass yourself (which may not be a big deal to you), but more importantly you will embarrass your wife, and then you know it's a big deal. So, the solution? Stick to beer and wine for the casual get-togethers and reserve the scotch for yourself and a few choice friends.

Así que ya saben, el whisky es tranquilidad, y para reuniones pequeñas, para acompañar la lectura.

Ralfy dice, algo así en todo caso, el whisky te puede llevar muy lejos, y por lo tanto, como no quiero ir muy allá, me sirvo un poco